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Words or something

Posted by Line Larsen on October 9, 2008

Words being jumbled,
stumbling along,
crumbled in my brain.
Words fumbled for,
tumbling along,
words I mumble.
Words to grumble about,
bumblingly said.


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500 words on love

Posted by Line Larsen on September 10, 2008

Writers are passionate about words. Playing around with them, changing them, using them in unexpected ways. Abusing them, at times. Always flipping through the thesaurus in our brain to convey the exact emotion or mood we have pictured for particular scenes and characters.

I simply love attempting to steer my readers’ thoughts in subtle or obvious ways. A sense of power, perhaps? A director of emotions.

There is one area where I feel I come up short, however. I tend to avoid it, because I dislike sounding like all the rest. I even slightly dislike when other people write about it, because most of them sound like all the rest as well. More importantly, until recently, I didn’t even get it.

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