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Silence broken

Posted by Line Larsen on October 12, 2008

I mirror myself in his eyes
He whips them and I crawl
His countenance, I await
He smiles and I stand tall
Please approve;

I carry his sorrow
I am his sorrow

His hand embraces mine,
covering me with sin
Love, he says, for us
and pushes deep within
This is me;

Carrying his sorrow
Being his sorrow

I bear our shame in silence
Stupefied by pride
But here, for your indulgence
I am your cherub guide
Take from me;

Carry his sorrow
Be his sorrow


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We’ll make a sunny return

Posted by Line Larsen on October 10, 2008

How bleak it is to say goodbye
with dejection and regret
How achy, hurtful, smarting, sore
a heart can haply get

Please, my knight, remember this;
I love you ceaselessly
And in that valediction-kiss
laid piety and caress

How wonderful is it not
to know we’ll meet anew
And then I’ll make a second sun
shining just for you

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Words or something

Posted by Line Larsen on October 9, 2008

Words being jumbled,
stumbling along,
crumbled in my brain.
Words fumbled for,
tumbling along,
words I mumble.
Words to grumble about,
bumblingly said.

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