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Past: I was conceived by accident some time in 1981 and entered the world screaming the year after. It was a rainy Friday the 13th I made my appearance and my mother has always been reluctant to assure me that she doesn’t view me as bad luck.

And so years went by. It was good, in a way, but I dare say I wasn’t completely happy until I taught myself to read. I wrote my first stories at age seven and, in retrospect, they were not very good. I like to think I have moved on from there.

At age 17 I started my first real book project. I finished it a few months ago, a good eight years later.

Present: I find myself happy to be 26 years old. It is wonderful to become older, to grow and develop. It does not bother me that I have not done much to brag about, except get on with my life, up until now. Sometimes that is an accomplishment in itself. The wonderful thing about writing is that while it helps to do some of it to improve at your art, living your life and gaining experiences helps even more.

Oh, and I have found love. In my three year old son and my boyfriend. I wish to brag about that, if I may.

Currently I am trying to make a living off freelance writing. In many ways, I find it soul crushing. But since change is necessary and change means pain; pain is necessary. Good things must be ahead.

Future: I waited for rejection or to possibly win the lottery. My chances were, apparently, approximately 2 %. My book was judged by a publisher recently. In many ways, I felt the same as I would if I sent my son off to stay with strangers. Will they be nice to him? Will they understand him the way I do?

The judgment was harsh. Nothing but a standard letter and a “thanks, but no thanks”. Oh, and an apology for responding so late.

So now I am re-working it and will try again.

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