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Life is ironic…

Posted by Line Larsen on March 8, 2009

A rather personal post today.

My son (3,5 years old) cannot speak properly yet. We have just assumed he is a little bit slow and that he’d soon catch up – seeing as he is bilingual and all. However, recently we have discovered several rather disturbing mistakes he makes. It appears he doesn’t understand the use of his own name or other people’s names. All his language is tied to different situations and he seems unable to transfer the knowledge to similar uses.

The nursery school he attends has made the same realisations and we will soon be meeting about it. Adutive dylexia was mentioned, as a description of his symptoms. We have yet to find out the cause. I worry for him, naturally.

My son will most likely struggle to express himself through language. He will have a hard time learning how to read and write, and the chances of him ever truly enjoying a good novel are slim.

It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it.


One Response to “Life is ironic…”

  1. That is a rough thing to find. I hope you all the best.

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