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Limitations of personality

Posted by Line Larsen on October 21, 2008

I wonder if I have the potential to write just about anything. Could I compose the most tear-inducing romance novel if I just applied myself and practiced every day? Can I write horror? Or beautiful poetry? Or a great American novel?

I don’t think so, quite frankly. It’s just not me. I would have to leave me completely out of the equation to make any of that work.

Some call my writing gloomy, and perhaps it is. I’m not generally a depressive person to be around, in my opinion. But I throw conflict, heartache and a certain mood onto my stories and characters without even thinking about it. I write small stories about small people. I could never write big, exaggerated, impressive. I’m neither of those myself, big words or sentences don’t come easy to me. And certainly not big meanings.

Unfortunately I can never write a book blatantly about something worldly, without making it sound awkward. Hints here and there may suggest at something, but it’d never be the sort of writing to make Oprah’s Book Club or anything.

So it’s not just down to whether your talent is singing, baking, skiing or writing. Who you are shapes your talent and your niche. I cannot help but wonder if my particular niche will ever be of interest, though.


2 Responses to “Limitations of personality”

  1. I definitely couldn’t do beautiful poetry or horror. That’s not what I personally like to read anyhow.

  2. Personal taste certainly comes into it.

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