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Everyone is a writer…

Posted by Line Larsen on October 16, 2008

Someone said this to me, not too long ago. “Everyone is a writer.” They probably meant to sarcastically point out how many people call themselves writers, without having any obvious talent for it or some sort of education to prove it.

Everyone is a writer as much as everyone is a singer. My son quite enjoys when I sing to him, but I don’t walk around calling myself a singer even so. I can draw a kick ass car, according to five year olds, but I don’t consider myself an artist. I call myself a writer, because a) It’s the job I dream of and work towards and b) Because I think I have a certain level of skill and c) I get paid to do it (somewhat randomly).

Reason C is not strictly necessary.

Someone also said: “Anyone can be a writer.” They probably meant to sarcastically point out how easy it is to write, that it doesn’t require any talent or education.

Anyone can be a writer as much as anyone can be a singer or an artist. Even cheap romance novels require a certain degree of skill and talent. If you wish to be successful, that is. Writing professionally is hard. Writing for fun is exciting. And writing because you just can’t stop is challenging, tormenting, entertaining, rewarding and stressful. Most of us have all three of these motivations and those who don’t, have at least two. If they only write bad love poems for fun to share with their wife, they’re cute, but they’re not a writer. Just like no amount of “Ba ba black sheep” will make me a singer.


One Response to “Everyone is a writer…”

  1. damyantig said

    I’ve heard such comments as well, and my inner reaction is somewhat like yours. On the face, however, I just smile and move on.

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