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Are you a plunger or a planner?

Posted by Line Larsen on October 15, 2008

There are two main categories of writers: Plungers and planners. Perhaps you can extend these brands to other aspects of life as well, but I shall choose not to for now.

Plungers dive into their writing. They start with a simple thought; a sentence or an emotion. Then they go from there. They thrive off a free flow of ideas during the process and may come up with something quite different than what they originally had in mind. Most plungers struggle with deadlines, but they may hit the jackpot with their end result at times. They may also blossom during pressure.

Planners like to create storylines, think out characters beforehand and work towards goals. Some planners I know of start any piece of writing by thinking out the beginning and finishing sentences. Slowly, but surely, they navigate the story, their characters and themselves towards the end. Planners hardly ever exceed personal or professional deadlines.

I am definitively a plunger. I wish I could have qualities from both writer types, but my brain isn’t optimal. It simply works with what it’s got. I am spontaneous and prefer doing most of the planning in my head.

What category are you?


2 Responses to “Are you a plunger or a planner?”

  1. I’m a plunger. I’m hoping to be a little less plungy in my next project, so I have some idea where I’m going with it. We’ll see.

  2. I was also thinking of trying the planning thing. It’s very in, apparently. Well, like many others I will soon attempt to write a novel in one month. So I think I should do some planning before then :)

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