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Editing edits that’s been edited

Posted by Line Larsen on October 14, 2008

I think I started reading newspapers with a pen at age eight or so. I simply couldn’t keep my cool any more and begun correcting spelling mistakes/typos and re-arranging sentence structures. While I am unsure how much of an improvement it actually was, I still do the same thing. However, fictional books are somewhat holy to me. I could never abuse them or change them in any way, no matter how much they annoy me. But it’s a struggle.

Needless to say I am quite happy to do re-writes for money now. Unfortunately, after I am done re-writing the original documents, I have a strong urge to re-write my own versions about ten more times. I don’t have time, though. Deadlines are a bitch.

This blog could certainly do with some re-writes. I think that may ruin the whole point of a blog, though, while I am not quite certain what the point actually is.


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