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What is your favourite part of a book?

Posted by Line Larsen on September 17, 2008

Naturally, this varies greatly from story to story, but I tend to lean towards the middle. The beginning is sweet, of course. I open the book, discreetly smell the pages (don’t judge me) and read the first page with awe. Either it draws me in immediately or it leaves me feeling unsatisfied. With the latter reaction, I tend to put the novel away and never pick it up again.

If it leaves me hungry for more, I am joyous. Little makes me as calm as having a piece of good writing laying in bed waiting for me at night. And at the start it’s like the birth of a new relationship. I am infatuated by the characters and the writing style, and let myself get carried away on a sea of new experiences and sensations.

Slowly but surely my initial reaction is subdued and I start feeling more comfortable and immersed. I trust the author’s skill by this point and can relax while I look forward to all the little treats he/she has to offer through-out the story. The middle part is where all the characteristics are confirmed, the style is perfected and all the details are fit in. I could probably read only middles and still feel somewhat content after finishing.

As the story progresses I also approach the end of my new adventure, and it saddens me a little. I can see and count the small amount of pages left, growing increasingly concerned about what to read next. I often feel I’ve moved on long before the story is actually finished. Endings are a necessary evil when it comes to books and I prefer them vague.

I instantly start looking forward to reading the book again, though. Assuming my initial presumptions were correct and I truly enjoyed it.

Walking through libraries for me can be compared to a sex addict scouting at bars. An endless world of possibilities… Which one should I bring home with me this time? I rarely settle for just one… A regular book slut, I am.


One Response to “What is your favourite part of a book?”

  1. I would have to go with the beginning. The whole “new adventure” thing, as you say.

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