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Given the go-by

Posted by Line Larsen on September 12, 2008

My manuscript has been returned. I am not all that clever, but I assume this is a really bad sign. It hit me like a ton of bricks, drained me of all inspiration and made me lose the will to write.

For about ten minutes.

I had my cry. Salty, warm tears are strangely comforting, even at the worst of times. This is not the worst of times. It’s gloomy, it makes me question myself and it makes me want to give up. But it’s not that bad, mainly because I can compare it to other things that has happened in my life recently. Also, I read the news. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

Luckily I have already started my re-writing process. Once it is done, I will try a different publisher. Some time in the distant future I will make them regret the day they returned my manuscript to me.

I feel that statement should be followed by an evil laugh, so here it goes: “Mu-hahaha!”

Anyway. I’ll move on, but I won’t leave my dreams and goals behind. Ever.


6 Responses to “Given the go-by”

  1. As the recipient of well over 1500 rejection letters in my career, I say “fugget aboudit”. If you’re going to last as a writer, you must develop a thick skin and write for nothing, write daily and “write in defiance of all the world’s muteness” (Nabokov)…

  2. Indeed. Thank you for commenting :)

  3. Yeah, don’t give up. At least you have a finished manuscript you can send out. I don’t even have that.

    There are countless stories of bestsellers (Harry Potter) that were rejected multiple times before being accepted.

    Just keep at it.

  4. I’ll re-write it. Obviously it’s not good enough yet, since the publisher in theory fit the profile of who might accept the book.

    But not giving up! :) Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  5. I’m glad to hear you are back at your desk making your manuscript even better rather than giving up. That means you are serious about producing something fabulous. So you will. Keep at it!

  6. Thank you so much for your support, Windy :)

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