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Dear publisher…

Posted by Line Larsen on September 9, 2008

Dear publisher.

While I understand these are stressful times for you, they are for me as well. For the last seven weeks I have been waiting anxiously for your response regarding my very first manuscript. It’s a tough time for any writer. I know my chances aren’t great, about the same as if I bought a lottery ticket, but it’s hard to let dreams go.

In the meantime I am writing dating articles and holding down a day job. Take a moment to imagine my discomfort. … Feeling it yet?

I am. You claimed it would take 3-6 weeks, but have yet to get back to me with anything. I even politely requested a new estimate. I didn’t nag about the result, I only wanted to know how long it would take. An approximate. An admittance of ignorance about time schedules. Anything! You can lie if you wish, I just want you to acknowledge my existence.

Anyway… I get it now. I can take a hint as well as the next person. You don’t like me. And that’s fine – Really! Can you at least tell me to my face, though? Well, to my e-mail, as it is. But you know what I mean.

Eagerly awaiting your rejection,

Unpublished author


2 Responses to “Dear publisher…”

  1. He he. This was good, even though it has to be torture to wait for a response. I’d be having trouble waiting as well. I hope you hear from them soon.

  2. Thank you :)

    I hope so too. I also hope they don’t google me beforehand ;)

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