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Fictional fiction #2

Posted by Line Larsen on September 8, 2008

I started this story a few days back. You can read the first part here, if you wish.

Heather stared at her passive husband with iceblue eyes derived of coldness. Warm streams of sorrow wriggled past the delicate web of barely visible wrinkles on her face and dropped down to her shirt.

“Nobody wants to hear our story”, she said quietly.

Simon passionately sucked in the deadly smoke from the cigarette and blew it out again in one angry puff.

“Is that so.”

“Yes, it is” she continued. “It is so. A loved child, suddenly dead. That’s what people wish to hear. The happy family image broken to pieces when an adorable, baby faced little human is torn away too soon. That’s what they want.”

Her husband sighed and replied: “Many people listen to you.”

“They listen, dear”, she used the term of endearment with unknowing sarcasm, “but they do not hear.”

Simon put the cigarette out and sat up. For the first time in many days he looked Heather straight in the eyes. It was a habit he was trying to give up. The pain in them had made him buckle again and again.

“Then tell me your story. I will hear.”


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