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Waste of space

Posted by Line Larsen on September 7, 2008

“The four bachelorettes from ‘Sex and the City’ live a life of shopping and glamour. But does it mirror reality for most single women?” the article started. The body of text in itself wasn’t half as bad as the intro suggested, thank the questionable lord, but nevertheless.

Is this what we call journalism these days? Is this the angle the writer wanted? Is this what the readers desire?

We have seen it since the dawn of online newspapers and magazines; short, snappy articles produced at mass speed. A +500 word item is barely worth 9 dollars these days, if you go freelance. Research is lacking, interesting angles are pushed aside for the blatantly obvious and sentence structure takes a back seat to efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

It’s not all bad, of course. The amazing quantity also amounts to quality now and again. It’s bound to happen from a pure mathematical point of view. Though I wonder what emotions arise in educated journalists stuck writing five thousand words of mindless blather a day.

Not that I am one to speak up, having just finished an article on where to find your next sex partner or something useless like that. Talk about feeling utterly redundant.

Oh well. As most idealists have to realise at some point or the other: The People are simple. The People want predictable, easy reads about their every day life. The Individual, however, is far more daring and exciting. Unfortunately, the People outnumber The Individual somehow. Mediocre sells.


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