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Fifth thoughts

Posted by Line Larsen on September 7, 2008

Terry Pratchett has a very good explanation for what goes on in our minds on a daily basis. He refers to it as first, second and third thoughts.

The first thought might go like this: “I don’t like that person. He is obnoxious.”

The second one would then be: “Is he obnoxious or are you simply thinking that because he disagrees with you?”

Then the third one chimes in: “You’re analysing perfectly normal feelings.”

Constantly watching myself and the contents of my head from a distance is tiring. I have thoughts about thoughts about thoughts about thoughts. For most people this can be described as the angel and devil sitting on their shoulders, arguing over what is the right course of action.

I shamefully have to admit that it’s not my conscience who speaks the loudest in my brain. It’s always there, of course, mumbling in the background. But it is certainly not a radiant angelic creature, more a small man with hunched over shoulders tending to paperwork. Important, naturally, but only a clerk in the grand scheme of things.

Neither does the rebel steal the show. She’s cute enough, playful and childlike, messing up my conscientious files and pushing for fun. I like her. She has a can-do attitude which comes in handy from time to time.

However, the star of my brain stage is the analytical journalist slash psychologist; hair tied back, glasses on her nose and an unquestionable workaholic. “You just said that because you were angry. Now, try something different. If you storm out now, will he come after you?” she asks, while scribbling down mental notes at the speed of lightning. “No, that didn’t turn out as expected… Go and ask him why”. “Think about your actions last night. What brought them on?”. “How do other people view you right now?”.

She is my idea-factory, my second and third and fourth thoughts, my mentor.

And while most people are surprised to realise that others observe them just as much as they observe others, I am never caught of guard. After all, I am being watched 24-7 as it is.


3 Responses to “Fifth thoughts”

  1. inkandkeys said

    Hello! You’ve just commented on my blog and my curiosity brought me to your blog – I like! It sounds like we’ve got a bit in common, although your inner journalist/psychologist seems much more together than my inner anything!

  2. *laughs* Well, you can imagine what a mess of behaviour and personality traits this sort of inner cast ads up to.

    I am glad you liked it here. I will certainly revisit your blog as often as possible :)

  3. Yay for Terry Pratchett! Sounds like a smart philosophy too.

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