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Writer-love rekindled

Posted by Line Larsen on September 4, 2008

A publisher is reviewing my very first novel at the moment. Yesterday they went past their estimated time frame and I sent them a polite e-mail. They have yet to get back to me, so I decided to do one last edit of my manuscript and try someone else.

I considered myself done with that story and those characters when I sent it off six weeks ago, at least until potential revision time. I had already started work on my second one; ideas for characters, scenes and dialogues flying through my head every night. New and exciting, a blank canvas yet again. I loved the feeling.

But there I was, back to the old and familiar, feeling a little out of place. I know each sentence and paragraph like the back of my hand, I can even remember where I was when I wrote each scene. Fond memories, but all of a sudden it looked faded and dull. It is out of date compared to my vision of the next manuscript. I felt as if I was returning to an ex boyfriend; all romantic and breathtaking feelings have already been put to rest. My eyes were far more critical this time around. Pink, fluffy clouds of infatuation were no longer clouding my vision.

Sighing heavily already on the first page, I begun the dreaded delete and rewrite process. I have done it many times before with this particular manuscript. Every time my writing skills have evolved, I have improved the story accordingly. It has grown with me and it has been an on-going process for many years. This time around was slightly different, however. As I had gained some distance from it, I found myself wanting to change far more than I originally planned.

At first it made me panic. Was this really my work? Had I, in the not so distant past, been proud to put my name on this? What was I thinking?! Luckily, rationality set in. I was of course thinking that it was the best of me. And at the time, it was. I was proud of what I had accomplished and had every right to be. Now I could be proud of how much knowledge and experience I had gained in that short period of time.

With that positive thought in mind, the process became easier. And easier. And easier. Soon I was having more fun writing than ever before. Ten hours flew past. I played around with the dialogues, changed the sentence structure through-out the entire book, added some parts, took away others. My head was bustling with ideas and still is.

The love between me and my first finished manuscript has yet again blossomed, and this time it is deeper and far more serious. The pink clouds are gone, reality has set in, but I am opting for the meaningful relationship that comes after the crush. I can still have the new novel on the side, right?

Thank you to passion for inspiring this entry.


4 Responses to “Writer-love rekindled”

  1. chickiesgrettagirl said


  2. That’s great. I’m currently sludging through my National Novel Writing Month project, doing edits. It is difficult, but necessary. I’m glad you were able to enjoy you edits and spend ten hours on them! I don’t think I have patience to spend ten hours doing anything!

  3. Patience is something I lack myself. My attention span is also rather short, which is why I tend to take many, many quick breaks while I write. It enables me to keep going for longer :)

    Have you posted any of what you’re currently editing for a sneak peek? I would love to take a look.

  4. Line – I have some stuff up there. Here’s one:

    here’s another:

    Take a look at my fiction tab

    for more.

    As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. :)

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