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Writing is:

Posted by Line Larsen on August 8, 2008

For as long as I can remember, I have thought about writing. What to write and how to write it; those two questions have always been buzzing in my head.

It is more than a passion and has become a way of thinking and a way of life. All through-out the day I have an on-going narrator voice in my head, attempting to describe everything that catches my attention. As soon as I close my eyes at night, and there are no more impressions from reality, I switch to making up stories, characters and dialogues.

It is a joy, in many ways. I am hardly ever bored if I can just be left alone with my thoughts. This can, unfortunately, leave me with the feeling that other people are stomping all over the private world inside my head when they open their mouths and speak to me. Then again, every thought I have can be considered inspiration if I am in the right frame of mind.

The contents of my head is generally better used as inspiration for my writing, than for sharing with other people. Writing has become the form of communication I thrive at, what I put the most in to and get the most in return from.

For this reason, it was a surprise to find myself so taken by one person that I stopped thinking what and how, and started thinking who and why. The lesson was invaluable: It’s the people who make me forget about the aloof narrator voice in my head who will teach me to be a better writer.

That’s when it is no longer about my love for writing, but me writing about love.

Either way, though, writing is: Love. To me.

Thanks to Ross for inspiring this entry.


One Response to “Writing is:”

  1. damyantig said

    Lovely post. It mirrors so closely what I feel about writing too:)

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